Scott Smith, Freelance Business Journalist

Member, American Society of Journalists and Authors (and six-time conference panelist) Winner of 1993 Florida magazine award
Freelance articles/interviews published through 2013: 1,004
Articles published as editorial staff member: 252
Number of publications/sites in which work has appeared: 173
BUSINESS/FINANCIAL TOPICS American Business Woman–profiles Meg Whitman/eBay and Marilyn Carlson Nelson/Carlson Companies, Premiere Issue 05 American Way (American Airlines)--QAs: Scott McNealy/Sun Microsystems 12/15/01; Meg Whitman/eBay 4/15/02; Larry Ellison/Oracle 5/1/02; Jeff Bleustein/Harley-Davidson 6/15/02; Fujio Mitarai/Canon 9/1/02; Joe Forehand/Accenture 2/1/03; Sumner Redstone/Viacom 4/15/05 Angeleno–William O'Neil/Investor's Business Daily and year-end tax tips 12/01; year-end tax tips 12/02; investing in entertainment stocks 2/05 BizSanDiego—The business climate for technology companies 1/07; profile of V-Enable 2/07 Business Advisor–QA Harry Beckwith (What Clients Love) 8-10/03 California CEO–2001: profile George Zimmer/Men's Wearhouse 8; profiles Chip Conley/Joie de Vivre and Autobytel 9; profiles William O'Neil/Investor's Business Daily, Halloween Club, and Scott McNealy/Sun Microsystems, and QA Andrew Finlayson (Questions That Work) 10; profiles Rob Ryan (Entrepreneur America), InVision Technologies, and Joe and Gavin Maloof/Sacramento Kings, and QA Mark David (Coaching Illustrated) 12 2002: profiles Connie Stevens/Forever Spring, Polycom, QA Harry Dent, and book reviews 1; Drew Goodman/Natural Selection Foods, Bernardus Lodge, 99 Cents Only, QAs Charles O'Reilly (Hidden Value), and book reviews 2; profiles Larry Ellison/Oracle, Claremont Rug, QA Brian Tracy, and book reviews 3; profiles Meg Whitman/eBay, Ceradyne, Income Builders International, and Economic Outlook 4; profile Designed to Move, QAs Martin Gagen/3i and Gregg Crawford/BayGroup International 5; profiles Southland Industries and Dan Rubin, QA Rosabeth Kanter, and book reviews 6; profiles Marc Holland/SkyRadio and Bill Guy/Cornerstone, QA Jim Collins (Good to Great) 7; USC and business, QA Steve Sample (The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership), profile Computer Access Center, and book reviews 9; profile Carl Pascarella/Visa USA, QA Peter Meyer (Creating and Dominating New Markets), and book reviews 10; profile Mnemonic Computer Solutions and QA Marilyn Carlson Nelson 11; QA John Gray (Mars and Venus in the Workplace) 12 2003:  profile Rocky's Pawn Shop and article on historic collectibles 2 2004: QA Harold Burson/Burson-Marsteller, Spring; QA Shoshana Zuboff (The Support Economy), Fall 2005: profile Sumner Redstone/Viacom, QA Sharon Jordan-Evans (Love Em or Lose Em) Q1; QA Patrick Barwise and Sean Meehan/Simply Better Q3 ;profile Northrop, profile Modtech CEO, article on Superteaching technology, QA Ian Mitroff/Why Some Companies Emerge Stronger from a Crisis 12-05/1-06 2006: profile Skyreach 2,3; QA Justin Menkes/Executive Intelligence, healthcare start-ups 5,6; QA Vince Kasten/Get It Done! Q4 Racecars to Train or Business Skills 12/07 Century City Chronicle—profile of computer consultant Dave Einstein 9/99 Chief Executive—profile Lee Raymond/ExxonMobil 10/02 Continental—profile Tom Kelly/JP Morgan Chase 8/05; profile Marilyn Carlson Nelson/Carlson Companies 9/06 6/00; Meg Whitman/eBay 8/00; Microsoft 8/00; QA Harvey Mackay 10/00; book review column June-Sept. 00 Costco Connection--profiles Bob Nelson (Consulting for Dummies) 3/03; Gary Erickson/Clif Bar 7/04
CSQ: C-Suite Quarterly—assigned profiles Richard Edelman/Edelman PR, Sumner Redstone/Viacom, Stan Lee/Marvel, Stephen Hawking; critique of “Breaking Bad.” Emerging Business--profiles Wheel Fun Rentals and Craig Nabat/Ambitious Ideas Summer 01 Entrepreneur--QAs: Howard Schultz/Starbucks 5/98; investment advisor David Stewart 6/98; Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan 11/98; Chris Meyer and Stan Davis (Blur) 12/98; trade expert Rosabeth Kanter 1/99; Alvin and Heidi Toffler 3/99, Michael Dell 4/99, Harry Dent (The Roaring 2000s) 6/99; Robert L. Johnson/BET 8/99; psychologist Lois Frankel 9/99; Seth Godin/Yahoo! 10/99; Charles Fine (Clockspeed) 11/99; economist Ed Yardeni/Deutsche Bank 12/99; Gov. Jesse Ventura 1/00; James Dunnigan (The Way of the Warrior) 2/00; Carol Orsborn (Inner Excellence) 4/00; Katherine Legatos/ 5/00; Scott McNealy/Sun Microsystems 8/00; William O'Neil/Investor's Business Daily 10/00; Paco Underhill (Why We Buy) 12/01 Entrepreneur "Pulse" col. QAs Bill Gates 12/99; Ken Blanchard 3/00 Entrepreneur "Hot Seat" col. QAs John Peterman 4/00; Robert Pater (Leading from Within)   5/00; Hendrie Weisinger (The Power of Positive Criticism) 6/00; Sergio Zyman (ex-Coke            marketer) 7/00; Marc Kramer (Streetwise Small Business Turnaround) 8/00; philanthropist Anthony Parks 9/00; Jeff Yang/aMagazine: Inside Asian America 11/00; Beth Drucker/ 2/01 Entrepreneur "Sales" col. QA Mike St. Lawrence and Steve Johnson (If You're Not Out Selling, You're Being Outsold) 1/99
Entrepreneur’s Home Office—how to balance personal life/career 1/99 Entrepreneur’s Start-Ups—barter 9/99; how to start adventure-specialty travel co. 5/00 Max Carey (The Superman Complex) 3/8/01; Jim Collins (Built to Last) 10/1/01; John Maxwell (21Irrefutable Laws of Leadership) 10/8/01; Randy Komisar (The Monk and the Riddle) 10/15/01 Executive Female--Q&A Marissa Peterson/Sun Microsystems Winter 03 Friendly Exchange (Farmers Insurance)--Are You Ready to Be an Entrepreneur? Winter 01Go (AirTran inflight): profile Stuart Skorman/Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur 3/08; John Shegerian/Electronic Recyclers Inc. 9/08; Bill Bartmann/BillionaireU 11/08; Genevieve Thiers/ 12/08; Hugh Hough/Green Team 2/09; Adam Edmunds/Allegiance 4/09; Gary Erickson/Clifbar 6/09; Reed Hastings/Netflix 7/09; Stan Lee/POW! Entertainment 8/09; Biz Stone/Twitter 9/09 Independent Business—article on new pager technology 8/99 Insights and Inspiration--21 profiles of successful entrepreneurs in Mass Mutual book Investor’s Business Daily—“Leaders & Success” columnist: 1998: profile of Mark McGwire 9/10; Thomas Kinkade 9/24; Helmut Kohl 9/29; Robert the Bruce 10/9; William Gladstone10/22; Brigham Young 11/16; Colin Powell 12/17; Cesar Chavez 12/22 1999: Sir Thomas More 1/26; Ralph Nader 1/29; Carl  Jung 2/26; Steven Spielberg 3/19; Freud 4/13; Tecumseh 4/14; Emmitt Smith 4/21; Shakespeare 4/23; Heinrich Schliemann 5/27; Goethe 6/1; President James Garfield 6/8; Henry Kissinger 6/24; J.R.R. Tolkien 7/8; Barbara Cartland 7/20; Charlemagne 8/10; Caesar Augustus 8/23; Lawrence Weinbach/Unisys 9/29; Arminius 10/5; Edward III 10/14; Isaac Bashevis Singer 10/25; Tony Blair 10/27; Vernon Stouffer 11/1; Simon Bolivar 11/8; Henry Wells 11/9; Tolstoy 11/11; Frederick the Great 11/15; Socrates 11/23; Pythagoras 11/29; Plato 12/7; Horace 12/10; Mikhail Gorbachev 12/14; George W. Merck 12/15 2000: Akbar the Great 1/12; Henry Clay 1/14; Mickey Drexler/Gap 1/25; Nebuchadnezzar 2/4; Themistocles 2/16; Cyrus the Great 2/28; Gustavus Adolphus 3/7; Meg Whitman/eBay 3/24 2007: Henry Wells 10/19; William Gladstone 11/30 2008: Marilyn Carlson Nelson/Carlson Companies 2/15; Ray Charles 3/5; Maria Theresa 5/23; Arminius 7/1; Robert the Bruce 8/14; Goethe 9/12; Simon Bolivar 9/29; Suleiman the Magnificent 10/21; John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough 11/27 2009:  Avicenna 1/6; Lee Raymond/ExxonMobil 1/23; Catherine the Great 3/12; Stan Lee 3/18; Socrates 4/2; Charles M. Schwab/Bethlehem Steel 4/22; Irwin Jacobs/Qualcomm 6/16; Samuel Adams 7/3; Gary Erickson/Clif Bar 7/12; Robert Keane/Vistaprint 7/22; Jim Goodnight/SAS Institute 7/31; Matthias Baldwin 9/22; Louis L’Amour 9/30; Jeffrey Bleustein/Harley-Davidsonn 10/30; A.G. Gaston 11/27; Jay Leno 12/8; Arthur Conan Doyle 12/26; 2010: Ray Bradbury 1/28; Robert Selander/MasterCard 3/19; Fred Astaire 4/23; Dan Amos/Aflac 5/6; Florence Nightingale 5/9; Caesar Augustus 6/17; David Gold/99 Cents Only Stores 7/16; Frank Baum/Wizard of Oz 7/29; Dennis Keller/Devry 8/6;  Brigham Young 8/12; Stephen Decatur 8/13; Adolphus Augustus 8/24; Horace 9/1; Daniel Webster 9/10; General Winfield Scott 9/13; Henry Wells/Wells Fargo 9/20; Louis Daguerre 10/1; Heinrich Schliemann 10/5; John Quincy Adams 10/15; Frederick the Great 10/15; David “Carbine” Williams 10/21; Daniel Boone 11/8; Queen Maria Theresa 11/15; Francis Cabot Lowell 11/26; Siegmund Warburg/S.G. Warburg 12/3; John M. Browning 12/14; David Selznick 12/16; Simon Bolivar 12/30; Arminius 12/30 2011: Ray Charles 1/ 4; Allan Pinkerton 1/7; Pearl Buck 1/12; John Atanasoff 1/21; Henry Dunant/Red Cross 2/1; Groucho Marx 2/10; Theodore Roosevelt 2/18; archaeologist Roy Andrews 3/2; model-entrepreneur Kathy Ireland 3/15; Samuel Colt 3/31; gun inventor Hiram Maxim 4/5; Katherine Hepburn 5/2; Comdr. Ernest Evans 5/28; Kit Carson 6/21; Gen. George Meade 6/30; Gen. Nathanael Greene 7/5; gun inventor William Ruger 7/14; Ethan Allen 8/1; Nikola Tesla 8/24; Marlene Dietrich 9/2; movie director William Wyler 9/7; William Rodriguez (9/11 hero) 9/9; fire marshal Ron Bucca (9/11 hero) 9/12; Robert E. 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Heinz 1/3; inventor Thomas Blanchard 1/8; Michael Owens/Owens-Illinois 1/11; Admiral Raymond Spruance 1/15; John Mackey/Whole Foods 1/16; WWII flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker 1/29; GM CEO Alfred Sloan 1/31; SEAL sniper Chris Kyle 2/5; President Abraham Lincoln 2/12; novelist James Patterson 2/13; President John Adams 2/14; President William McKinley 2/18; film director Howard Hawks 2/22; actress Mary Pickford 2/25; General Billy Mitchell 3/12; author Isaac Asimov 3/15; Pope John Paul 3/18; Navy pirate hunter Admiral Terry McKnight 3/22; author Clement Stone 3/25; Charles M. Schwab/Bethlehem Steel 3/28; Jimmy Stewart 3/29; General Hap Arnold 4/3; laws of war author Francis Lieber 4/9; Jackie Robinson 4/12; impresario Flo Ziegfeld 4/19; Gen. 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Walter Thompson 3/17; steam engine inventor James Watt 3/18; Orville Wright 3/25; plant breeder Luther Burbank 3/26; Aaron Montgomery Ward  3/31; Mary Kay Ash 4/1; Chief Red Cloud 4/4; steel inventor Henry Bessember 4/8; author Robert Louis Stevenson 4/10; firearms inventor John Browning 4/15; Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran 4/16; author Viktor Frankl 4/18; Robert Ripley/Believe It Or Not 4/23; Eli Lilly, Jr. 4/25; author Jane Austen 4/30; author Jules Verne 5/1; Bill Hewlett/HP 5/6; radar inventor Robert Watson-Watt 5/7; World War II hero Thurman Miller 5/8; Kevin O’Leary/Shark Tank 5/12; George Westinghouse 5/16; author Og Mandino 5/19; Capt. Henry Waskow 5/23; SEAL Adam Brown 5/27; sewing machine inventor Isaac Singer 5/30; Ed Sullivan 6/3; Rowland Macy 6/18; Robert Fulton 6/19; Founding Father Joseph Warren 7/2; Alexander Hamilton 7/3; Thomas Jefferson 7/7; Samuel Colt 7/19; Medal of Honor winner Joe Hooper 11/5; Col. Wes Fox 11/7; Marcus Luttrell/Lone Survivor 11/10; Sgt. Alvin York 11/11 Accepted: Thomas Watson, Sr./IBM, Kemmons Wilson/Holiday Inn, William McGowan/MCI, and shipping container inventor Malcom McLean Assigned: Boxer John L. Sullivan, movie director Victor Fleming, food innovator Duncan Hines, author Honore Balzac, management guru Peter Drucker, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, Jack Kilby/Texas Instruments, Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, William Harley/Harley-Davidson, credit score inventor Lewis Tappan, author Tom Clancy, actress Gloria Swanson, Juan Trippe/Pan Am, Vice Admiral Allan McCann, Gen. Fred Franks, Peter O’Toole, Sammy Davis Jr., Frederic Bartholdi/Statue of Liberty, Gen. Winfield Scott, Gen. Barry McCaffrey, country singer George Jones, and martial artist Bruce Lee. Contingent on interview: Mark Cuban, Stan Lee, John Schnatter/Papa John’s, Author Jackie Collins, Fred Deluca/Subway, David Cole/Honeywell, Mike Jackson/Auto Nation, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, Roger Ailes/Fox, Ellen Kullman/Dupont, and Michael Dell Jungle--QAs Carl Pascarella/Visa USA 1/03; Ralph Schrader/Booz, Allen & Hamilton 3/03; Michael Watkins (Breakthrough Business Negotiation) 11/03; John Gray (Mars and Venus in the Workplace) 12/03; Business Lessons from Racecars 9/05 Los Angeles Business Journal—4Q real estate report 2/1/99; profiles of 5 attorneys, article on 1998 hotel sales, profile of Mercury General 2/8/99; profiles of filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, New Times publisher Charles Gerencser, and attorney Greg Suess 3/1/99; profiles of real estate companies Koll and Catellus and agents Dale Rehfeld and Raju Chhabria 3/15/99 careers 1/99 Los Angeles Times Magazine—The Halloween Club 10/24/04 MyMidwest Magazine—profile Dr. Robert Beyster/SAIC, 7,8/08; Chip Conley/Joie de Vivre 9,10/08; Halloween Club 9,10/09 QA column: Hubert Joly/Carlson 7,8/09; Jim Rubens/OverSuccess 9,10/09; Peter Handal/Dale Carnegie Training 11,12/09; Don Hall/Hallmark 1,2/10; Willy Burkhardt/Sportsman Channel 3,4/10; Dr. Alex Poltorak/General Patent 5,6/10 Nation’s Business—how to criticize employees co-authored w/Robert McGarvey 11/91 Navigator (Holiday Inn Express)--Halloween industry 10/01 IPO crash recovery 4/12; Right Way to Close a Business 4/26; Training for   Media Interviews 5/1; Investment Catalysts on the Internet 5/6; QA Randy Komisar (The Monk & the Riddle) 5/22; Business Lunch Tips 6/5; QA Hispanic women online leader Aliza Sherman 7/19/; QA Charles O'Reilly (Hidden Value) 9/25; QA Mark Breier 10/30 (The 10 Second Internet Manager); QA Bill Daugherty/ 12/4; QA Alan Axelrod (Elizabeth I, CEO) 12/5; QA John Peterman/J. Peterman Co. 12/21; QA Tim Miller/ 12/27; 2001: QA Andrew Finlayson (Questions That Work) 2/26; QA Tim Burns ( 1/22;  QA Mike McCurry/ 3/12 Riviera—year-end tax tips 11/01; investing in entertainment stocks 2/05 Santa Monica Sun--profile of computer consultant Dave Einstein 8/27/99 Small Business Impact—Leadership for micro-business 8/07 Small Business News/Cleveland—QA with Rosabeth Kanter 3/99; Y2K 4/99 Success--profile Steven Spielberg 6/00; Negotiating tips 7/00; QA Harvey Mackay (Pushing the Envelope) 9/00; QA Jay Abraham (Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got), profiles Jonas Steinman and Bill Daugherty/ and David Oreck/Oreck Corp. 11/00; QA Merv Griffin and profiles Randy Komisar (The Monk and the Riddle) and Carly Fiorina/HP 12/00; QA Brian Tracy (The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success) 3/01; QA Thomas Kinkade 4/01; profile Bob Lorsch 5-6/01 industry and Lessons from Failure of 10/00, online angel networks and profile Thermagon 4/01; QA Robert L. Wallace (Soul Food), story on closing of eToys 6/01, and profile Tom and Marilyn Ross (Big Ideas for Small Service Businesses) 6/01 21 Magazine—profile of marketing guru Bob Lorsch Fall 2002 U.S. Air Magazine–(both co-authored with McGarvey) Changing Jobs 5/92; Cell Phones 11/92 Wells Fargo Small Business Roundup--Tax code changes for new vehicle purchase 5/03; online sales tax update 7/03 Working at Home--profile Johnny Daniell/Dynamic Essentials Fall 00

American Funeral Director–17 articles and profiles 1992-97 Deliver (USPS magazine)—how to merge marketing and brands after an acquisition 5/05; case study of unusual mailer by 84 Lumber Co. 5/06; QA Seth Godin/All Marketers Are Liars 7/06; profile of Hannford supermarket magazine for customers 11/06; also in 2006, wrote the copy for USPS campaign to encourage small business to mail to Hispanics; survey of effectiveness of retail direct mail 1/07; Chick-fil-A campaign 7/11;—how PointRoll jazzes up online ads and supports direct mail 2/26/07; QA Ian Yolles/Nau 9/6/07 Doctor of Dentistry-L.A.—3 editorials 05; 6 editorials 06; 12 editorials 07; 6 editorials 08; 3 editorials 09 Funeral & Cemetery Today—13 articles and profiles 1995-97 Home Furnishing Executive—Y2K 12/99
Law Office Computing—Y2K 8,9/98 Pharmacy Careers—Rite Aid case study Fall 03 Retail Pharmacy Management–photo section changes 5/00; QA Jay Abraham (Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got) 7/00; women's natural health section 8/00;Telepix digital camera article and advertorial on American Bio Medica 9/00; QA Brian Tracy (The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success) 11/00; article on George Silverman's Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing 5/01's Halloween business and Introduction to Customer Relationship Management 6/01 RV Business (w/ editor John Sulloway)--Lee Iacocca's views on the industry 12/00; profile TCL 9/01 Southern California Superlawyers profile Randy McMurray/The Cochran Firm 2/08; profile Steve Mindel/Feinberg, Mindel, Brandt & Klein 2/09; Najeeb Khoury/Howarth & Smith 7/09; Scott Edelman/Gibson Dunn 2/10 Supply Chain Technology News--competition for SC managers 11/99; Monsanto knowledge management program 2/00; Amazon inventory management 2/00 QAs: Marcus Schmidt/Microsoft 2/00; James Keebler (Keeping Score) 3/00; Ron Griffin/Home Depot 4/00; Mark Duhaime/Ford 5/00; Steffano Korper (The E-Commerce Book)   6/00; Jeff Greenwald/Sun Microsystems 7/00; Jamie O'Neill/ 8/00; Charles Fine (Clockspeed) 10/00 Training Magazine–(all co-authored w/ McGarvey) Tools for Employees to Appraise Management 3/93; Etiquette for Business 9/93; Language Training 3/94 Whole Foods—merchandising herbs 10/79 Variety—use of twins in TV/movies 1/98 Trade Interviews 1993-95 (co-authored with McGarvey): Flowers& (George Whalin); Retailing   News (Jay Levinson); Alternative Energy Retailer (Levinson, Dave Grant, Peter Drucker); Bicycle Business News (Dave Thomas, Whalin, Levinson); National Sporting Goods (Whalin); Christian Retailing (Whalin, Judith Schuster); Communication Briefings (Christopher Hegarty); American Surplus Dealer (Whalin)

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Contributing Editor, Las Vegas Magazine, 1998-01 Contributing Editor, Success, 2000-01 Contributing Editor, California CEO, 2001-2004

Editor, Vegetarian World, 1974-78 Associate Editor, Vegetarian Times, 1978-84 Senior Editor, Irish American Press, 1991-92 Publisher-Editor, Doctor of Dentistry-Los Angeles, 2005-2009 Publisher-Editorial Director, Best Practices 2009-present

Animals and the Gospel, co-author w/ Gerald Jones (Millennial Productions, 1980) LDSF: Science Fiction by and for Mormons, co-editor w/ Vicki Smith (Millennial Productions, 1982) The Negotiating Game by Charles Karrass (consulting editor, revised edition, 1994) The Soul of Your Pet: Evidence for the Survival of Animals After Death (Holmes Publishing Group, 1998, based on first edition in 1994 by Millennial Productions; revised edition 2001) They Told Me to Tell the Truth… (ghostwriter for Corey Clark, published as ebook on record company site, 2005) The Everything Public Speaking Book (Adams Media 2008) Seven Celebrity Sins: Lessons Learned from the Rich and Infamous (ghostwriter for Darren Kavinoky, in support of a proposed TV program, 2011) God Reconsidered: Searching for Truth in the Debate Between Atheism and Religion (Blue Star Books, to be published summer 2014) Extraordinary People: Real Life Lessons on What It Takes to Achieve Success (Motivational Press, to be published end of 2014) Adventures of an Entrepreneur (ghostwriter for Bob Lorsch, in progress) Untitled book on Bette Davis (ghostwriter for anonymous author, in progress)  

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Scott S. Smith is a freelance business journalist whose 1,200 articles have appeared in 175 publications, including Investor’s Business Daily, Success, Entrepreneur, Chief Executive, American Heritage of Invention and Technology, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Magazine, and American Airlines’ American Way. He has interviewed such influentials as Bill Gates, Stan Lee, Meg Whitman, James Meredith, Jay Leno, Howard Schultz, Barbara Corcoran, General Barry McCaffrey, Lee Iacocca, Senator Harry Reid, Kathy Ireland, Brian Tracy, and Dean Koontz. He is also the author of The Everything Public Speaking Book. 

He created to encourage reader participation in the exciting process of learning about and modeling high achievers.

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